Emergency Management Event Tracking


Sydion’s eMET (Emergency Management Event Tracking) enables you to remotely scan and track individuals or items in an MCI event or in everyday events. The system contains modules for tracking patients, people and inventory. Data is remotely collected via barcode scanner or mag stripe reader equipped handheld units that wirelessly transmit data and camera images to the dashboard. All data is aggregated and stored in the remote database ready for real-time analysis and reporting.

The dashboard is the "heart" of Sydion's eMET. It organizes and maintains all collected data which allows you to quickly and easily take control of your incident scene. You are immediately provided with the necessary "Where", "What", "Who" and "When" information that is critical in this environment. The system comes with a host of standard PDF reports so you can instantly review and share information. We are also able to integrate with third party applications through the exchange of information via XML technologies.

All information is collected and relayed to the dashboard via wireless, barcode enabled Windows Mobile handheld devices such as the Symbol MC50, MC70 and the HHP Dolphin 9900. Data is compressed and encrypted to protect sensitive patient information and expedite data transfer.

The handheld contains multiple templates for collecting various information such as vitals, statuses, conditions, locations destinations and dispositions. The system allows you to dynamically create your own form from an extensive list of data fields then publish it out to the handhelds.


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Built For
  • Hospital Mass Casualty/Fatality Management
  • Hospital Triage, Treatment and Transport
  • Surge Capacity/Bed Tracking Management
  • Family Reunification
  • Pre-hospital Triage, Treatment and Transport
  • POD Point of Dispensing for Bio-Terrorism
  • Pandemic Flu Tracking 
  • Hospital Evacuations
  • Public Health
  • Alternate Care Centers
  • NDMS Patient Tracking
  • Multi-state Patient Movement
  • Day-to-Day Patient Tracking
  • On-site Disaster Daycare

    Track patients and people via a unique barcode identifier from a triage tag, trakband, or any other 1D barcode.


    Real-time reporting with multiple exporting options.


    Capture multiple images of patients or items.


    Use the system to track and manage your PODs or mass vaccination clinics.


    Track over 50 properties about a patient or person. Create custom data collection templates in real-time.


    Track materials or personal belongings of a patient or person.


    Track dependants or create groups of patients and people.


    Track items that travel with patients.


    Use handheld barcode scanners to expedite data collection.